Consulting For Business Appointments

We view our clients as faces, not files, so we prefer to meet in person from the very beginning. During these “meet and greet” sessions, we lay the groundwork for a successful working relationship by establishing clear expectations about services, fees, responsibilities, communication, and anything else of concern. We need our clients’ complete trust, so we start building it right from the start. Here’s how we do it.

The “Meet And Greet”

Opening up the books to a complete stranger can be daunting. We want you to get to know us, how we work, and how we communicate before we discuss one invoice or look at one balance sheet. Truthfully, we are not a good fit for every potential client. But those looking for an honest, creative, and forthright financial partner will find what they want with Duncan Accounting & Tax.

Creating Transparency

No hidden charges. No unexplained fees. No technical jargon. We want you to know and understand exactly what we charge, why we charge for it, and what we will do to help you grow your business and mitigate risk.

Setting Expectations

From the beginning we want you to understand our services and what we do to help our clients succeed. We also need our clients to know what they can do to make the partnership successful. You will leave the meeting knowing exactly what you can expect from us and what we will do together to grow your business.

Let’s Get Started!


Duncan Accounting & Tax in Colorado Springs exists to help businesses like yours navigate the difficult terrain of business accounting. Our accounting services include:

The team at Duncan Accounting & Tax is comprised of enrolled agents who utilize their training and federal licensing to minimize tax liabilities and maximize profit. For small to midsize businesses looking for personal attention and bottom-line results, we are the right fit.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. We’re great at what we do so you can be great at what you do.

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