Tax Preparation For Individuals

At Duncan Accounting & Tax, we understand how important proper tax management is for individuals and families. Bad tax preparation can lead to financial difficulties, fines, garnished wages, and a lot of unnecessary hassle. We strive to make tax preparation as efficient as possible while also looking out for tax savings and tax pitfalls.

Why Duncan Accounting & Tax?

We have built a reputation in Colorado Springs as a trusted tax partner. Here are the traits that distinguish us:

Attention To Detail
Crossing every ‘T’ may not be important in some areas of life, but in accounting, even small errors can cost thousands. Our enrolled agents are trained tax experts who know how to prepare and file tax forms that will be accepted by the IRS and help you to avoid unnecessary audits.

Programs like TurboTax can automate the tax filing process, but it takes a true expert to find ways of reducing tax liabilities. This process needs to start well before April 15th, which is why we consult with our clients throughout the year to save them as much as we can when the filing deadline rolls around.

We are honest throughout our practice, which includes more than just reporting accurate numbers on a tax form. We will also be honest with you about your tax situation, liabilities, and record-keeping so that we can provide you with the lowest possible tax bill.

Why Not TurboTax Or A Drop-In Service?


Many people use TurboTax or H&R Block to file their taxes online. It’s usually quick and easy, and, for some filers with very simple tax situations, it may work. But online software can only use the numbers it’s given. It isn’t able to talk to you about your financial or employment situation, possible deductions you may not know about, or your future goals.

National chain services like H&R Block and Liberty Tax do provide a certain level of human interaction. But their tax preparers have minimal training and are basically walking you through software similar to TurboTax. Your finances are too important to leave to a machine.

We Are Tax Preparation Experts!

The enrolled agents at Duncan Accounting & Tax are certified by the IRS to provide proper tax preparation services. Our team will guarantee accuracy while maximizing your deductions and helping you to prepare for future financial success. Give us a call right away—even if it isn’t tax season—so we can help you to lower your tax liabilities.

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